About Us

“TECHNASMATA” is a sole proprietorship business that deals exclusively with the works created by the internationally renowned Greek architect and painter Makis Warlamis.

It was founded in 2013 and is currently situated at 23 Mitropoleos Street, the main street of the city of Veria, Greece.

There you may find original paintings by Warlamis along with reproductions, sculptures, design objects, carpets from the famous Vienna collection as well as all of Warlamis’ published works.

“Technasmata” cooperates with the Art Museum of Austria that Warlamis had founded and continues to represent his oeuvre, thus ensuring the authenticity of the works.


That was Warlamis’ favorite slogan, which is why he worked intensively his entire life to create a broad range of art products that make our lives beautiful and really “speak” to our hearts and minds.

In our shop you may also get information about the various presentations of Warlamis’ works that continue even today to take place in Greece and all over the world.